About Growling Gibbon Brew Co

Growling Gibbon Brew Co. was founded to bring delicious, hoppy beers to the good (and not so good) people of Winchester.

Growling Gibbon Co Winchester Hampshire
Growling Gibbon Beer

Why choose Growling Gibbon:

If you love to explore the incredible range of fruity flavours that can be created in beer by selecting and combining different hop varieties then our beers are for you.

We have a deep respect for the world around us and do everything we can to brew sustainably including feeding our spent grain to a local herd of cattle and donating 5% of the money we make on every beer to World Land Trust.

Our Story

Man meets Gibbon. Gibbon meets man. 

Man decides to walk away from the corporate treadmill and set up a craft beer brand. 

It’s a fairly well-trodden path.
I mean, who hasn’t looked into the eyes of a primate and considered the meaning of their own existence? 

It was at that moment on a trip to Borneo that Ralph was inspired to swap his career helping to build artificial intelligence for something very real and more rewarding.

To follow his passion for craft beer and build a brand dedicated to tasting different and making a difference. 

That was the moment that the Growling Gibbon was born. 

Ralph Mcfadyen-Growling-Gibbon-Brew-Co
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